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Client Experience

21 Page Client Welcome Packet for Coaches Editable Canva Template Modern

Create a professional welcome kit in minutes. — No one likes to be left guessing on what they’re supposed to do when starting with a new coach. With this template, you’ll have everything you need in front of your clients so there are no awkward - “What am I supposed to do now?” - conversations and time is saved when it comes to onboarding new coaching clients! Welcome and onboard your new coaching clients with ease. This product is the step-by-step process of welcoming, onboarding, and getting your client excited about what's next.


  • Cover Pages
  • Welcome Pages
  • Meet our Team
  • Service Overview Pages
  • Project Process
  • Resources Library List
  • Pages for Questions
  • Quotes
  • Communication
  • Call to Action
  • Notes
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      Buy once and you are able to download all of our assets forever.

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      After completing the checkout process you will receive instant access to the templates. You can download it directly from your order page and you still receive a copy of your files via email for future reference.

      Do I need a Pro Canva account to edit the elements?

      Nope, you don't need a pro Canva account to edit the templates. I designed my templates carefully to make it available for both the free and pro accounts. If you ever find any problem I will be more than happy to help you solve it.

      Are the images included?

      In most cases yes. Most of the images used have a CC0 license. Meaning they allow to be shared. However, you can still replace them to match your branding.

      What can I customize?

      Everything! Fonts, images, text, color, logos, size, anything you need to make the template yours.

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